Harikomamori, Memory Card Game

by Camille Gressier

30 €

SET of 48 cards / 24 illustrations 

This Memory card game was inspired by Camille’s fascination for Japanese folklore after a trip to Japan. She started drawing Japanese toys & amulets for her newborn son. They soon became a collection of 24 illustrations and Sonriso Studio had the great idea to publish them as a family game.
Most of these toys are called “Hariko” (papier-mâché dolls) from the Edo era (1600-1868). Each one of them comes from different regions of Japan and has its own little story and purpose from protection to lucky charm for victory. They are often given to children, for births, weddings and more.

Designed by Camille Gressier & published by Sonriso Studio
Copyright © 2021 all rights reserved / translation Alexandra Aubertin

Limited Edition.
Printed in five colours on paper Fedrigoni Arena Rough Natural White.

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